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Swevers Real Estate, the largest real estate agency in West Limburg, has always strived for more. Being one of the pioneers of technology in real estate, they wanted to take a fresh look at the original 'Marc Swevers' brand. The aim was to create an image that resonates with their identity, while also strategising their internal and external approach to the market. They envisioned each office under the Swevers Real Estate brand specialising in a different sector, thus expanding their impact within the industry. The task at hand was to not only redesign their look but also to revise their strategy.


To meet Swevers Real Estate's ambitious goals, we initiated with a brand strategy that could support their growth ambitions. Following this, we designed a distinctive brand identity, logo, and website to mirror these aspirations. The key objective was to establish a brand identity that signifies professionalism and memorability, reflecting their national ambition. Swevers Real Estate is not just another real estate company. They are innovators, aiming to penetrate the national real estate market with their unique approach.

What sets it apart

What sets Swevers Real Estate apart is their empathetic approach towards both buyers and sellers. Their brand strategy is built on the understanding of the emotional significance of selling a house, viewing it not as a mere transaction but as the closing of a life chapter. They see their stakeholders not just as clients but as people entrusting them with their memories. It's this human-centric approach that makes Swevers Real Estate unique. By creating a national brand that recognises the emotional gravity of both buying and selling property, Swevers Real Estate has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry. Because a house is not just a house, it is a home filled with “passion for living”.

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"From a local brand to a challenger at national scale"

Marc Swevers
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Alex de Winter and the Smaac team deliver on their promise for certain. They gave us the opportunity to involve the entire team of Swevers Real Estate in our positioning. The new brand and developed communication concepts that evolved were right on the money. Employees and customers reacted with instant enthusiasm, which allowed us to swiftly start the development of our new website. We succeeded in taking a brand for the local market and making it fit to compete with the market leaders on a national scale. All thanks to the Smaac team, with whom we will gladly cooperate for many more years to come.

Marc Swevers
Marc Swevers
CEO - Swevers real estate

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