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Would you like to invite Smaac to participate in a workshop, or to speak at your next event?

Our team is ready to travel the world for talks or conduct interactive workshops that cover all types of design topics. If you can organise it, we'll be there.

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Our number one objective is to provide value for every person attending your event—give them more than their money’s worth and help you create a memorable and engaging experience.

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Purpose is the moral compass of a brand that binds all the stakeholders of a brand. It is the transition from shareholders first to stakeholders first. A trend that is unstoppable, as it is ingrained in the core of the up and coming generation Z. They are the future employees, consumers, lawmakers. Their values and morals will have a great influence on any brand's future success.
A good strategy is about setting your company up for success. It’s about creating a plan of how to reach your goals by communicating a clear message, creating loyalty & forming a strong emotional connection with your targeted prospects.
Branding is about creating and maintaining a corporate personality that makes you stand out from the competition. It allows you to make a more memorable impression and it can even go so far that your consumers relate to your company's "way of life", become your fans and want to adopt your values.

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Alex de Winter to help you with a tailored talk or workshop for your specific audience.
He has a traditional design education, with a BA in Industrial Design from The Eindhoven University of Technology, and an MA in Design from the Design Academy, Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

After spending more than a decade working with colleagues in the product design, strategy and branding sectors, for large A-listed brands such as Jamie Oliver, Rituals, World Wildlife Foundation to more niche clients such as The Macallan, Old Amsterdam and Tony Chocolonely, he always has a good story to be shared or a lesson to be learned.
The right talk or workshop depends on the audience and we're ready to pool our ideas to find what's most appropriate and valuable for your audience.