outperforms profit

We've only got one.

As marketers, we have our focus directed on the world around us. We see continuous change at an ever increasing pace. Life is subjected to chaotic streams of information, and voices of uncertainty about our social and environmental future govern the media. But…
…where a negative tone threatens to take the upper hand, positive actions arise.
We also see large corporates shifting their focus from profit-driven to purpose-driven strategies. Money is important for our well-being and survival. It is the air we breathe, but it is not the quintessential reason for living. This shift towards purpose-driven corporates is on the rise and gaining momentum.

Profit is to an organisation what breathing is to a person.
Breathing is essential, but it's not the reason for being.

What is purpose?

Purpose is the moral compass of an organisation that ensures that it can make a difference to society. We are shifting from Shareholders first to Stakeholders first. A well thought-out purpose is essential and is the foundation for everything: including your marketing & communication and your employee engagement. A shared purpose ensures solidarity within the organisation and therefore is a strong binding factor.

Why understanding generation Z is so important...

They were born between 1990 and 2010 are now reaching the age where their influence on society and corporations is increasingly growing.
They are the present and they are the future. If we understand their needs and behaviours we are ensuring that our brand is relevant and future proof.

The world is changing Become a part of that change