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Hestia Living, a trailblazer in real estate development, is dedicated to building the sustainable and innovative homes, neighborhoods, and cities of the future. Their commitment to creating CO2-neutral living spaces and creating a deeper bond between people and their environment is truly commendable. However, effectively conveying this unique mission to their stakeholders via a consistent brand story, logo, and website was a complex task. The objective was clear: to develop a unified, purpose-driven brand narrative to be communicated across all brand elements.


Addressing this challenge, Smaac undertook the transformation of Hestia Living's brand. This impactful process involved the development of brand identity, logo design, website design, and a catchy tagline, all rooted in a strong brand strategy. Each brand element was designed to reflect Hestia Living's mission, ensuring a seamless narrative across all touchpoints. This approach ensured that the logo, brand identity, and website were not only visually appealing, but also all contributed towards communicating Hestia Living's inspiring story.

What sets it apart

What made this specific project truly unique lay in the creation of a brand identity where all elements are in perfect harmony. With a lot of pride, Smaac was able to deliver this exciting project and help a true purpose-driven organization effectively communicating their story to the rest of the world. In our opinion, a story worth being told.

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“It was pleasant working together with Smaac”

Niek Molenaar
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The company helped us to rebrand and design a new website. It was pleasant working together with Smaac, always ready to respond when something wasn't clear. A stunning presentation was prepared to show our new logo and a beautiful website was created. Completely satisfied!

Niek Molenaar
Niek Molenaar
Marketing - Hestia living

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