The perfect drink served perfectly

Whether heritage or craftsmanship, beauty, creativity or an uncompromising commitment to excellence, The Macallan draws from and is driven by the decisions, stories and people who have shaped them. The Macallan legacy started in 1824 and today the Whisky Mastery Team carries this legacy and vision forwards into the future.
If you have ever had an opportunity to taste them, or are already a beloved aficionado of The Macallan whiskies, you will understand that such refined flavours and complexities demand a brand that embodies the sophistication and elegance they deserve.
Working for brands like this means the client trusts you to have a deep understanding of the core of the brand, and the skills to remain true to it at all times. From POS, packaging design to product design, our focus has always been on communicating the richness and sophistication of the brand and helping consumers serve it to perfection.