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Kruithof Optics, a respected eyewear company with three locations in the Netherlands, has a long-standing reputation for providing personalized vision solutions. Their approach, which includes in-house manufacturing of custom glasses and lenses, sets them apart in the industry. As their 30th anniversary approached, Kruithof sought to commemorate this milestone in a way that would highlight their unique approach to vision care and their commitment to their customers. Having previously partnered with Smaac for their website and brand identity design, Kruithof turned to us once again to develop a distinctive and memorable way to announce their 30th anniversary to the world.


Smaac embraced the challenge by developing a unique anniversary logo for Kruithof, crafted from 30 circles reminiscent of the original Kruithof logo. This design paid homage to the company's history while also symbolizing its commitment to the future. Building on this visual theme, Smaac then designed a special anniversary magazine for Kruithof. This publication allowed the company to delve deeper into its history, its values, and its unique approach to vision care, providing an engaging and tangible medium for customers to connect with the Kruithof brand on a deeper level.

What sets it apart

The creation of an anniversary magazine for Kruithof was a bold and innovative move, not very common within the optics industry. This approach allowed Kruithof to stand out ever more, offering an engaging and tangible way for clients, suppliers, and industry colleagues to explore the company's history, values, and approach. The unique celebration of Kruithof's 30th anniversary received numerous positive responses, further building Kruithof's reputation as a leader and innovator in the eyewear industry.

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Jeffrey Kruithof
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Jeffrey Kruithof
Jeffrey Kruithof
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