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Elvedes, an international supplier of high-quality products to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, operates in both the cycling industry and beyond. With a commitment to flexible, just-in-time deliveries and a strong stock-holding capability, Elvedes guarantees shorter delivery times across Europe for both aftermarket and OEM products. However, presenting such a diverse and constantly evolving product range was a challenge. Each year, Elvedes requires a product catalog that is visually appealing, clear, and consistently better than its previous versions. The goal was to develop a new catalog annually that showcased Elvedes' complete range, while keeping the end user's needs at its heart.


We embraced the challenge head-on, developing a new concept for the visual style of the catalog each year. The team engaged in brainstorming sessions, bringing together a variety of perspectives and ideas. We made extensive use of 3D software, creating unique rendered images that brought Elvedes' products to life. This approach allowed us to deliver a fresh, visually appealing catalog each year that faithfully represented Elvedes' product range.

What sets it apart

The use of 3D-rendered visualizations set this project apart. This technique is unique in Elvedes' industry and allowed for the products to be showcased in the most visually engaging way possible. The annual redesign of the catalog ensures that it was always fresh and appealing, reflecting the ongoing evolution of Elvedes' product range.

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