The right tone of voice

The city of s'Hertogenbosch noticed that their existing approach to helping young people at or near the poverty line was not making enough of a difference.  Smaac's expertise was invited in to the brand and communication design, and that was when all the pieces started to fall into place.
We often see communication packages go wrong when the distance between client and audience is too great. Designs tend to be what the clients want, instead of pleasing the target audience.
Our collaboration with Smaac was an adventure. It was a new partnership for us, which worked out pleasantly.
alderman, Township 's-hertogenbosch
huib van olden

Developing a brand should be about creating something that resonates with the target audience, especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as personal finances.
Smaac designed and created a custom interactive app, specifically for kids and millennials. Using their style of language, their kind of graphics. "Serious money talk, but using a fun, age- and style-appropriate approach."