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Interconnect is the largest independent data and cloud provider in the South of the Netherlands. Established in 1995 and operating from 's-Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven, this family-owned company advises, delivers, and manages highly reliable hybrid IT infrastructures. Undoubtedly, it is an outstanding enterprise, but data centers unfortunately have a negative reputation in the public opinion.

To differentiate themselves positively in the market, Interconnect sought a clear positioning strategy. They needed their own story to share internally and externally, as well as a new image that would allow them to face the world and the future with pride.


If negative perception is your biggest problem, then marketing strategy is the first solution. That was our advice, and based on a well-considered purpose and positioning, we devised an improved marketing plan and developed a new brand identity. We weren't allowed to change the logo, but we had the freedom to create a unique communication concept and launch a visually impactful campaign.

What sets it apart

The purpose of Interconnect is the result of a special collaboration and the insight that a connection occurs when data and people come together. We couldn't make it any more beautiful—Interconnect connects people.

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