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Website Prinsjesdagontbijt

It is traditionally so, that during the ‘Prinsjesdagontbijt’ a large organized V.I.P. Breakfast is arranged. At this breakfast event, a summary regarding the governments division of the yearly budge, (made public just a few days earlier) is presented. Additionally, four guest speakers are invited to air their critical views regarding the financial plans of the Dutch government.
For this breakfast ‘Prinsjesdag’ breakfast, Smaac was commissioned by KPMG, AON and Banning lawyers to come up with a campaign. In theme with the breakfast, and a Dutch proverb, Smaac came up with the campaign “with a curl of the master”. The key-visuals clearly create the breakfast ambiance and upon a closer look you will find that the Prinsjesdag suitcase (which is the Dutch iconic representing the governments economic) is incorporated into the curl of butter. A subtle but surely not insignificant detail!
In addition to the idea for the key-visual (photographed by in-house by Smaac), Smaac was also responsible for the design and implementation of the website and print work.


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