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Mona Lion Mask

The fact that Mona’s desert of the month during the WC Soccer would be an Orange-Pudding, surprises no one. So to make it something unique, Smaac made a slight adaption to the design of the packaging, transforming it into a lion mask. The mask can be found on the back of the card label. Push out the two eyes, and with two elastic bands, the mask is ready for use.
“We see few WC-Campaigns that are suited for the whole family. With this lion mask we wanted to involve the younger fans as well and offer them something extra. This way we offer everyone, from kids to adults a fun item to help cheer on the Dutch Soccer team. Hup Holland Hup”
The concept has also been implemented in Belgium, but then instead of an orange lion mask, the design has been changed into a red Devils mask, which symbolizes the Belgium soccer team ‘De Red Devels’.