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Brinky Website

Brinky! Transformed from being ‘just’ a brand name into an adventurous character who now stands central to all promotions regarding this cookie brand. With this new ‘look and feel’, there was the need for a super cool website, that would allow both Continental Bakeries and the consumer to enjoy the character and adventures of Brinky. Smaac created a completely interactive website including the necessary illustrations. On the website, kids can help Brinky search for cookies, send him a card or enjoy the Brinky coloring template.
The site has been constructed in such a way, that it is easy to expand in the future. The use of the parallax creates the ‘wow!’-effect which makes it even more attractive for its target audience. Additionally the website functions on all mobile devices, which is essential in the day and age where all kids play on tablets and smartphones. And by the way, did you know that after 20:00 you will see the moon come up and Brinky fast asleep on the website?


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